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Happy birthday, dear Nos

It's still your birthday if I haven't been to sleep, right? I could not resist the urge to send you good wishes and twirls as close to your actual birthday as possible. I hope your day was grand.

ETA: Your fic is done. Hope you enjoy it.

Title: Silver
Author: vsee
Pairing: F/K
Rating: Adult/explicit
Length: about 2800 words
Thank yous: Very big thanks go to arrow00 for encouraging me to pick this up and finish it, and for gentle, speedy beta reading. Special thanks to spuffyduds for her help. You guys rawk.
Notes: Birthday fic for the most fantabulous, funny, generous, and all around good egg, Nos, on her 25th. We love you, babe. This is a prequel to "Turn Toward Home" aka the Valentine beast, but it also can stand alone.
Disclaimer: This is an amateur work of fanfiction written solely for personal pleasure. No recognizable elements of the story belong to me.


Ray was about one-third awake, and so relaxed that he had the weird, momentary sensation of floating off the bed and not being able to move any of his muscles. After a moment, the world started to come back to him, twisted together with a confusing fragment of a dream that Fraser was talking to him, and he felt the smooth fabric where the comforter was twisted around his feet and bunched down low in front. His back was totally uncovered, and the air was cold on his skin. He started to shiver and fumbled to pull the blanket back up, his hand hitting some part of Fraser as he reached behind himself. Fraser moved up closer behind him, the heat of his chest against Ray's cool back, which eased the shivers.

"Di' you just say something?" he mumbled.

"No, Ray, but you were talking a bit in your sleep. You must have been dreaming."


He opened his eyes and saw the low light in the room, soft gray of the very early morning. There were bright silver reflections on the window sashes, where moonlight was still streaming into his west-facing bedroom windows. He raised his shoulders and head up. His eyes were still so tired, he was barely able to hold them open long enough to squint at the clock. It was nothing but a green smear of light at the foot of the bed. He could hear the clock radio was switched on, and playing some mellow, rolling piano music very quietly.

"What time izzt?"

"It doesn't matter."

Ray let his upper body slump back down into the pillows, curled back onto his stomach, and breathed slowly again.

He'd grown used to the fact that they were usually on slightly different sleep schedules. Fraser had been an early morning riser for most of his life. Spending three or four nights a week with Ray wasn't going to change so many years of habit. Ray was used to Fraser waking up before he did.

Some mornings he was up and dressed and making breakfast, clanking dishes before Ray's alarm went off. A few times, Ray found him sitting at his roll top desk, doing some of Canada's paperwork, or writing in his journal, when Ray finally stumbled out to the living room. Some days he was just sitting up in the bed with a pillow behind his back, reading a book, with a little wrinkle of concentration in the middle of his forehead. Once in awhile Ray woke to find him watching him sleeping, catching Fraser with a tender, surprised expression when Ray opened his eyes suddenly. Whatever Fraser was up to in the early morning, he usually ended up waking Ray, one way or another, a little before his alarm.

He still set his alarm every weeknight when Fraser was around, just in case. He supposed even an early riser might oversleep once in awhile. He had to admit even if it meant a few lost minutes of sleep, waking up any way to a lover was a lot better way to start the day off than to a buzzer or a snotty DJ's voice.

Oh, shit the radio was already on. "Did the alarm already go off? Shit, shit..." It was too dark and he still felt totally groggy, but maybe he just missed the buzzer. He started to pull himself up again, but Fraser's hands came down onto his shoulders and kept him from wiggling upright again.

"No, I turned on the radio. I was having some trouble sleeping. There was noise on the street. I didn't think the radio would wake you."

"S'okay, it didn't. I don't think." He listen to the music again, barely loud enough to be heard. "It's nice."



"Also, the moon is really bright tonight. I couldn't help but notice the light. There was a bar of moonlight on the bed. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist pulling the blanket down to see what it looked like on your back. You're silver." He could hear the rueful smile in Fraser's voice.

"Nrrrmph. You did wake me up, you jerk." He was too tired to grouse. Fraser's body draped half over him as he lay on his stomach. He was warming back up too nicely now to sound fierce. Instead of apologizing, Fraser just sighed happily, and then lifted himself off Ray's back.

He felt strong hands rub across his loose shoulders. This always felt terrific when he was tight and tense, but he was startled by how great it was when his shoulders were relaxed. The deep strokes made the skin feel warm and glowing, and the muscles moved easily, languidly, with the motion, relaxed him even more. The stroking moved up onto his neck, tracing and rubbing each vertebra like climbing a ladder. Then Fraser moved into his ruffled bedhead, rubbing his scalp and pulling lightly at his hair. The tugging pulled Ray back again from the edge of sleep, the slight pain taking his attention and making heat stir not just in his scalp but all down his spine to his ass, and made his dick wake up. He shifted his bare hips down more firmly into the sheets and the comforter. He could feel the sudden increase of attention in the air, and he wasn't surprised when Fraser made a move.

He slid up closer to Ray, and drew his body up and back against the whole warm, naked length of him, rolling them back till they were both on their sides. His face was pressed into the back of Ray's head, his nose into Ray's hairline where it was bristly and shaved at the edge. He began kissing his way down the back of his neck, following the route he had just laddered up. One arm was already around Ray, and tickled the front of his throat, lingering over his voicebox. Ray knew Fraser got really hot when he made any noises in bed and maybe that was what was on his mind, so he let go of the small grunt of pleasure that had been building. It was nothing much, nothing showy or fake, but the tiny sound seemed to do something for him. He felt the sound buzz against Fraser's fingers, and then he felt the wave of heat against his back, as a warm flush moved across Fraser's chest and face.

Ray was still so groggy, so not ready to be awake, but all this seemed to be waking Fraser up more. Ray sighed, and kept his overtired eyes closed. "What are you doing to me? I'm half asleep. More than half." He was only partly teasing. He was pretty out of it, and with a few moments of relaxation he'd zonk right out again. Relaxation wouldn't happen with Fraser touching him like that, though.

"Mmm. Nothing much." Fraser tightened his arm more and rolled Ray up and back even further, snaking his other arm around then letting Ray settle and rest heavily against him, snugging his groin more firmly against Ray's ass. He was almost totally hard, and he felt hot against the cool skin. "You don't really need to be awake, anyway. This is good, just like this." Despite how wiped out he felt, Ray loved this tease. Fraser spent so much of his time being serious. Except, huh, the little hitches starting with his hips didn't feel like he was entirely kidding around.

Fraser's half pinned arm didn't stop his hand from roaming around on Ray's chest, scratching at the sparse hair there, working against the flow of the hair, and making Ray gasp again and his nipples tighten up. The other hand was much freer to move around, and lingered low, playing around his navel and belly, then onto his thighs, working the hair there in the same against- the- grain pattern, making Ray shudder along the edge of hypersensitivity there. He spread his legs as much as the position allowed, and tilted his pelvis, trying to distract him and move Fraser's hand. Fraser obliged by moving to cup and stroke his balls.

One hand pinched and rolled his nipple, and the other hand was lifting and teasing his balls, and the strong upper arms were still in tight around his sides, keeping Ray's body up hard against Fraser as he began to move in earnest. Ray couldn't shift much without breaking this perfect feeling of Fraser already moving and thrusting faster against the crease of his ass. He couldn't touch any part of Fraser directly this way, could only let himself sink into the feeling of being steered by Fraser's pleasure, of letting himself be used.

Fraser breathed harder as he rolled and tugged Ray's other nipple. He tensed with each small quiver against the pinching, adding a jerky half rest to the steady thrusts of his hips. It was as if his own nipples were getting played with, the way this was cranking him up. Ray considered for a minute breaking Fraser's grip on him, pushing him over, and taking control, going after his nipples with his fingers and his mouth. He could feel Fraser's nipples rubbing stiffly against his back, and Fraser's dick was rock hard now. His panting was sending warm rushes of air all over Ray's ears, the back of his neck. Ray felt a light sheen of sweat on his forehead when he rested it for a moment against his back. Fraser's belly and thighs were slicking up, too. His cock was starting to let go of small, hot spurts, mixing with sweat and making the motion even easier. No, Fraser was right. This was good, just like this, like this, now. He relaxed into the motion for a couple of minutes, letting Fraser grind and thrust. The hand moving under and around Ray's balls was firm, keeping him there, just where Fraser wanted him. The light hold, and intermittent stroking on the most tender part of him added a core deep note to his buzzing pleasure, made him feel both powerless and protected.

Ray was plenty awake now. His dick was throbbing and straining into the empty air. Fraser hadn't gone near it yet. He didn't have much room to move without causing a tug on his balls, but he started minutely shifting his hips back into the thrusts against his ass. The added friction made Fraser's cock twitch and spit another little bit of hot stuff. The hand on his balls let go, and moved down onto his thighs again, giving Ray the chance to move a little more. He immediately started rubbing his ass back in a counter rhythm. Fraser grunted and then said "I thought you were going back to sleep."

"Yeah, I am dead to the world. I'm sawing wood." He shoved his ass back again, pointedly. Fraser huffed a small laugh and pinched his nipple hard.

Fraser's cock slipped down further, pressing against the space between Ray's thighs. Ray shifted his legs more to make space. "Yes," Fraser muttered. He drew his hand back, and fumbled between them for a moment, guiding his slippery dick carefully between Ray's thighs, arranging everything till they fit together, and he started a fast rhythm of long, smooth thrusts. Almost immediately, Fraser's cock gave another spurt of precome. This wasn't going to take long.

Ray didn't really think that Fraser would just leave him hanging, but his cock was aching, and Fraser seemed to be off on some other planet, pushing and gliding and thrusting, over and over, groaning. Ray couldn't stand to wait any longer now with Fraser about ready to fly out of orbit. He reached down and wrapped his hand firmly around his dick. "Yeah, oh yeah." He started to jack himself fast, went heavy on the sweet spots underneath and around the head, trying to catch up to Fraser a little.

Fraser was pretty far gone but he must have noticed Ray's frantically moving arm. His hand came back to join Ray's, and for a few minutes, they moved together, and it was great, it was getting him there. He could feel it starting to build and it was going to be good . He felt the winding pleasure tightening his back and his stomach and he involuntarily pulled his thighs taut with the mounting pleasure, flexing and releasing tension in his thigh muscles.

Fraser groaned and lost it completely. His hand was still gripping Ray's cock, almost too hard, but he totally lost the compelling rhythm that was going to make Ray come. His hips rutted erratically in hard short stabs for an endless moment. Ray wished suddenly that he could see his face. Instead he let his thighs flex again, and felt Fraser go still and rigid, suspended there as his cock let loose the first pulses, wetting down his thighs, his balls.

He came and came, and then continued sliding, slower now, in long liquid movements, through the hot, slippery mess. Just when he couldn't figure how Fraser could stand to keep moving, he was wracked by another strong spasm, a powerful aftershock almost as strong as his orgasm. "Oh...oh..." he grunted right in Ray's ear. Then he was finally still.

Wow. That was different.

They had only been together for a couple of months, and so far Fraser had been really careful in bed. He tended to focus a lot of his time and attention on getting Ray off, and usually did so first. He often sucked Ray off before they moved on to whatever else the two of them could get up to together, doing it fast and with a certain expertise that sometimes made Ray wonder.

Fraser had been with guys a few times before, mostly when he first left home, so he had still been pretty young. Ray's lack of previous experience with men, outside his fantasies, seemed to worry Fraser. Ray figured he tried to overwhelm him with the pleasure so he would forget any reluctance. It had been fun, sure, but also it showed that Fraser hadn't really trusted him before. He hadn't trusted him enough to be a little selfish, to take what he wanted without having to melt Ray down into a shaky mess first.

Fraser pulled away from Ray's back, and moved down the bed. The cool air hit Ray's sweaty, sticky back and ass, and he shuddered. Fraser returned in a moment with a soft cloth, and started wiping him down. He realized that it was the leg of Fraser's union suit, which had been rumpled up at the foot of the bed ever since he skinned out of it last night. After one last swipe, Fraser turned him over on to his back. He spent a long moment looking him over, from his messy hair, along his body, which did look pale in the moonlight, to his dick, still standing up hard and straight. Fraser looked out of his head, hazy and happy.

He leaned down and pressed his mouth over Ray's, finally kissing him. Yeah, he always wanted more of that, so he bit lightly at Fraser's lips, and sucked on his tongue for a moment. Fraser pulled back and looked at him some more. "Oh, Ray, you look extraordinary in this light." Ray heard the tightness in his throat and he didn't think Fraser would be able to say anything more.

Fraser slid his hand through the lingering slickness in the crease of Ray's ass, played briefly around the opening, and then suddenly pushed his finger inside. Ray arched his back, and spread his legs wider, which made his dick bob and stand up even more. Fraser let his head drop down, watching his finger moving in and out of Ray.

He pulled away again for a minute, added a squirt of lube from the bedside bottle to his fingers, then moved himself down on the bed. He arranged himself so he was leaning on one elbow, up close and personal now, watching his dick twitch. He worked two fingers back into Ray, blazing over and over his sweet spot. The pounding tease went on and on, till he couldn't stand any more of his dick thrusting into the thin air. "Come on, I need you to--"

Fraser put his mouth on him, sucked in the head, swirled his tongue over it and then sank his mouth down far, half swallowing him. Ray's hips jerked crazily, and he had only a few seconds of pure heaven thrusting into Fraser's mouth before he came, hard.

He floated for awhile with his eyes closed, felt Fraser go over him again with the flannel fabric, till he was about ready to purr and halfway back to sleep again.

"Are you comfortable, Ray?"

"Never better." He was suddenly aware again of the quiet radio now that he was still. A man with a very smooth voice was talking about Beethoven, then more piano music started up.

"How much time till it is really morning?" Before Fraser even took a breath to answer with some bull about how it is technically morning now, Ray adds, "Before coffee."

"We've got an hour before the alarm. Don't worry."

Before he could come up with a smart reply, or kiss Fraser again, or move another muscle, Ray was asleep again.


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There was a bar of moonlight on the bed. I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist pulling the blanket down to see what it looked like on your back. You're silver.

And a back rub - mmm! I love the way this connects to 'Turn Toward Home' - you've created a beautifully absorbing universe for the boys with these stories.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this, leafy, and that you appreciated the connection to Turn Toward Home. That universe is a nice place to play, and there is a good chance I will go back to that at least one more time.
vsee, I've been so delighted to see you return to writing over the last few months, and you couldn't have come up with a more perfect gift. It's so gratifying to see you stretch your creative muscles and do something that gives you so much pleasure and, of course, brings the rest of us joy. I loved this story! You put so much detail in your writing, and I can visualize each second of each scene with perfect clarity. The sex here is wonderful: hot, lushly sensual and nicely detailed, and you also manage to address some of the relationship issues (Fraser's insecurity, Ray's inexperience) and allow the Boys to work through their misgivings with a bit of good ol' fashioned sexin'. I also liked the notion that Fraser can let himself go, and that Ray likes it. They make such a good couple!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story, and for all of your comments and feedback and support over the last half-year. It's been a true pleasure getting to know you, and I'm so glad you're writing more and more. I do love your work, and this was a terrific gift. Thanks, babe!
Nos, I am delighted that you enjoyed this. I had a great deal of fun writing it, and trying something new. I'm so pleased (and relieved) that both the sex and the emotional side came through. I'm so happy that I had a chance to participate in your birthday comm and to try to give back something for all the fun you've given me this year with your wonderful fic. I'm glad we've had a chance to become better acquainted. Here is to another wonderful year for you and for this fandom...cheers.
Yes! So very vivid in every way. Such a wonderful story, I feel like it's my birthday.
Hey, akite, I am honored at the breaking out of the stick people icon! It feels like winning a medal! Whee! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have now overcome my I've never written sex barrier...hope I can just keep on rolling through to more fic.
Ray, silver in the moonlight ... lovely image, that.

The rest of this is kind of pretty, too. *g*
Thank you for the nice comment. I enjoyed playing around a little with the cliches of romance with this story, and the other story in this universe. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for reading.
Yay! It's lovely, oh, lovely. Selfish Fraser twists my kink-knob. Not to mention the between-Ray's-legs GUH.

Thank you so for sexin' the boys so sweetly.
Heh, arrow, nothing could please me more than to hear that this hit your buttons. Yay! Thanks for your help and encouragement.
Ooo, pretty descriptions!

I like how relaxed Ray is, just letting Fraser do whatever, and how comfortable Fraser is now, knowing Ray will let him, will enjoy it. The whole scene is wonderfully languorous and warm. Mmmm... :)
Yay, so glad you liked this, and appreciated the pacing. I'm glad I managed to get the mood I was trying to set in there. Thanks for the comments.
I really liked this. Guh!
yay, thanks so much for the comment! *grins stupidly*
Mmmm, so hot. I like Fraser letting himself be selfish.
It was a lot of fun to let Fraser loose. I'm giddy that you liked this. That was my first try at NC-17, and I have managed to get over the fear of trying that, mostly.
nom nom nom. This is very yummy
So happy to have entertained you, yay! Thanks for the comment.
Mmmmm, that was lovely. I like the way that you placed it into the context of their relationship, and made this (very very hot) PWP a movement forwards in their relationship, where Fraser starts to give up some of his anxieties.
keerwa, I am so flattered and happy that you enjoyed this. I was pleased with how this story slotted itself into the other story. For me, there isn't really much payoff in a straight PWP, so I felt much more comfortable finishing the writing of the sex once I realized why I was telling this story. It was nice of Ray to finally tell me as I was in mid-draft. Thanks so much for your comments.


10 years ago

Gnah. Vee, this is hot to death. You have a real gift for detail, and your fic is just . . . lush. Like good wine. You should be proud of yourself.
*clinks newbie writer rings with meresy to activate our awesome powers*

Thanks, mer, for the very kind comments. I'm glad that this worked for you, and that, well, it managed to be hot. First try at a sex scene, and I was a little intimidated.
Oh my god, this is incendiary! I LOVE sleepy!sex, and these two unable to resist each other in the moonlight is freaking gorgeous.
Yay, thanks for the very nice comments. Sleepy sex seems like a natural for these guys. Glad the moonlight started as a bit of a joke, since in both of these stories I was playing a little with romantic cliches. But I liked it once I started playing with it, and I've always been of the opinion that romance and heat are not mutually exclusive.
This is so SO beautiful. Ray, almost asleep, but the sense memory sending signals... beautiful. And silver, yes. Beautiful.
Oh, thank you so much for the great comments, c. All your picspams over the years have been fuel for me, and so inspiring. I am so glad I could entertain you in return, and that you liked this.
GOOD GOD. *flail* BUNK.

That was so completely gorgeous, and just sweet and languid and wow, and I so loved "made him feel both powerless and protected," because, OOOH, yes.
snort! That's a compliment, darling. My work here is done.

(But yes, I am all secretly pleased with myself for getting an emotional punch in there, too, I am sneaky that way.)
This, ahem, hits a lot of my buttons. In other words, Woo! Happy birthday to Nos!


March 12 2008, 18:52:30 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  March 13 2008, 00:19:34 UTC

Ahem, there is hardly a polite way to say to someone I don't know well that I am glad this hit your buttons, so...uh, screw politeness? No, wait, that isn't it either. *g* Seriously, very glad this worked for you. Thanks very much for the comment.
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