hyzenthlay26 (hyzenthlay26) wrote in nolimbs4u,

Happy Birthday to Nos, Happy Birthday...ok, your ears hurt yet?

Eeeee! Did I make it? Checks clock, yep, few minutes to spare. Phew!

From the day I first commented to one of your posts (I do believe it was your wonderful account of meeting Callum) to the day I first discovered your achingly lovely fic to the day I read your most recent endeavour which was so beautifully realised and vivid and brutal yet hopeful that I cried (the Wilby one), and every day in between, it's been nothing but a joy to know you! You bring a wonderful light to a fandom I've come to adore over all others.

I hope you have a fantastic birthday, and, as I've already said, that every wish you make comes true, both today and for the rest of the year. Happy Quarter Century!!!

I'm not so much with the ficcing and I know you generally use your own signature icon so instead I would like to offer you a header, footer, cover or any other format you desire for a future fic, podfic or audiobook. Consider this a coupon redeemable at any time to your specifications!

& <3
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