the world's most huggable supervillain (zabira) wrote in nolimbs4u,
the world's most huggable supervillain

Podfic for Nos: '"Us": in Four Movements, for Two Voices' (2 of 2)

Fanfic Title: '"Us": in Four Movements, for Two Voices' (2 of 2) | Sendspace
Rating: Adult
Format: MP3, 47.4 MB, 41:24
Fanfic Author: Aral Griffen
Link to Fanfic: "Us": in Four Movements, for Two Voices
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Read by: zabira
Disclaimer: Neither this story nor the characters it portrays belong to me. I am just playing in this sandbox.
Note: "Simple, sweet, moving, and completely and utterly natural, this relaxed story about Fraser and Ray falling in love is designed to please" (from nos4a2no9's list of favorite stories).

ETA: There is a permanent mirror of this file, thanks to the fabulous general_jinjur. Please: [right click and save as]

(This will be cross-posted to podslash.)
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Yay, Cousin!

Something to draw by.

Midterm break starts tomorrow, THANK GOD. *ices shoulder*
yay!!!! so glad to help you with your homework! \z/ \js/
Thank you!

This will come in handy for my flight to Glasgow in June. :D
yay! and you are welcome AND OMG, i love glasgow! (well, all of scotland, really.)

AND we went to this absolutely delicious vegetarian restaurant there:

i'm not a vegetarian, but this may have been the best meal i had in the UK.

Glasgow will be awesome. Not only will it be Scotland, but I was also asked to pimp CKR stuff. :D

I know. You already pimped that restaurant to me. ;)

I'll be getting fed by Claire's parents. They are of Greek heritage. So I am hoping for yummy food.

But I plan to take them out for dinner one night as a thank you and that restaurant is on my list. :D

Thank you very much! I was thoroughly charmed by your reading. <3