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the google meme knows all, tells all about the birthday girl

I was a wee bit worried when I saw viciouscats' birthday post, Nos, because I thought we'd both had the same idea... but hooray, not!

I did not know of nolimbs4u earlier, I'm sorry, or I would've had something for you on your special day... :::woe sniff::: 'Cos I love you, you know. ♥

BUT. I searched for you on google, and lookit what google says about YOU, Nos!

1. Nos is intracellular.
She could still be a pod person, though. You never know. o_O

2. Nos is main mediator for shear stress-dependent angiogenesis in skeletal muscle.
I have no idea what that means, except that it sounds stretchy. *pictures Ray stretching*

3. Nos is upregulated, but is very sensitive to environmental conditions.
Unpregulated? ::roffles::
ETA: Apparently I cannot read. But I maintain that "unpregulated" is much more amusing than "upregulated." *g*

4. Nos is currently searching for new partners to spread programmes of continuing.
Would these programmes be of porn? I'm all for continuing the Nos-porn, aren't you?

5. Nos is activated by cell sodium.
A salty Nos is a happy Nos.

6. Nos is concerned with the production of electrons.
Shouldn't we all be concerned with the production of electrons? I bet Fraser is.

7. Joining Team Nos is going to be a lot of fun for me.
Heh. Team Angst had tons of fun. Oh yes, we did. :D

8. Nos is probably a good investment as the prices we pay today will seem like small potatoes in the future.
I'd pay to read Nos' writing. Oh yeah. And hey, isn't twenty-five the minimum age of antiques, or something? Nos is vintage now!

9. Nos is the primary civil agency within the United States Federal Government.
Oooooooh. Tricksy Canadians, very tricksy! While still so very civil and polite, of course. *vbeg*

10. Nos is associated with vasorelaxation.
Okay, now that sounds like a Fraser-word to me. About orgasms. Heh.
Really, Fraser, it's not your *vocabulary* that Ray's impressed by. Seriously.

11. Nos is not for typical driving. Even with highway driving you do not want to use Nos.
Huh. Nos drives like Fraser... sounds like it's time for the sled dogs, 'cos the Rays aren't letting you anywhere near the GTO or the Riv.

12. Dear Abby: After two Nos, is it time to move on?
*refrains from comment, but wonders how Dear Abby would know*

13. Nos is sensitive to ultraviolet light.
Dudes. User name. That is all.

14. Nos is similar to Britains BBC. (In more ways then one, I might add).
Hmm... she's a stealth government operative who's infiltrated the US *and* the UK. Does this mean we'll get better television now?

15. Nos is simply the best bang for the buck you can get, there is no better performance!
*thinks about Dear Abby again, grins, and says nothing*

16. Inducible Nos is an important component of a host's resistance to infection.
Unless, say, you've stepped into, oh, I don't know. Maybe a BEAR TRAP???

17. The most universal stimulator of Nos is calcium.
*makes note*

18. Nos is easily portable by recompilation.
Whee! We could all have our very own clone!Nos! How cool would THAT be??? \o/

19. Nos is also venturing into open elementary education programmes from this year.
Oh, Nos. Stick with the grown ups. They don't get you as sick. :D

20. Nos is only for nosey people.
Well, we all have noses...?

21. Nos is activated under specific circumstances.
Salt, calcium. Check. Porn, check. Bear traps, check-check-check.

22. Nos is not for everyone. Nos is not for women who are pregnant or may become pregnant.
Hee. Assbabies for everyone instead...?

23. Nos is a highly effective way to survive severe trauma.
Survive it, sure. Mostly. After, you know, CAUSING it. A lot.

24. Nos is best described as a kick ass orange juice.
*makes another breakfast note, wrestles with mental image of Nos in neon orange sweatpants and shirt, karate-kicking badguys*

25. Nos is not a combustible nor a propellant.
Nos is guaranteed safe for Mounties and half-wolves and CPD detectives, yay!

Happiest of quarter-century birthdays to you, Nos! You rock with a side of awesomesauce and deserve every good thing. ♥

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